Lauren Zuniga is a spoken word poet and teaching artist whose work deals largely with being a queer, femme mother in Oklahoma. She is the author of The Smell of Good Mud (Write Bloody, 2012) and The Nickel Tour (penmanship books, 2009). She is a three time national slam finalist and had over one million views on YouTube. Her work has been featured on MoveOn.org, Button Poetry, Upworthy, Everyday Feminism and Autostraddle.
She lives with her two kids and partner in Oklahoma City.


Kavi Zuniga is a singer/actor/ukelele player who is passionate about musical theater, sexology, feminism and makeup. She will beat you at any board game or die trying.
She is a rule follower who questions authority. An introvert who loves to be on stage.
She’s been trying not to freak out since 2002.